1st freight train crosses Iran from Russia en route to KSA

The Golestan Province’s Customs Department director-general, Shahriar Shahriari told reporters on Saturday that the first freight train from Russia crossed into Iran through the Inche Burun border crossing at the shared border with Turkmenistan to Bandar Abbas in the south en route to Saudi Arabia.

The train, which has 36 containers, chose this route on the ‘North-South’ international transport corridor, he said.

It is estimated that the new route would reduce the delivery time by several days, he further noted.

The cost of goods transit through the North-South corridor has been decreased by almost half as a result of the reduction of the customs tariff, the official underlined.

Through the ‘North-South’ transport corridor, nearly 250 billion dollars of Indian, Chinese and East Asian products are expected to be transported to Europe.


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