25th Intl. Storytelling Festival to be held in December

According to the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults – Kanoon, the festival will be held in four sections including “Modern and Classic”, “Traditional and Ritual”, “Sign Language” and “90 Seconds” in order to promote the capacity of storytelling in society as a comprehensive educational approach.

The Classic section includes ancient times, traditional, religious, and heroic stories, which are performed by the storyteller in the usual storytelling manner.

The Modern section includes stories that are creatively performed and written by the storyteller using images and other creative tools.

In the Traditional and Ritual section, the traditional and religious stories will be narrated through Naqqali [Iranian dramatic story-telling] and Pardeh khani (literally means reading off the screen/curtain).

In the Sign Language section, the storyteller tells the story in Persian sign language.

In 90 Seconds section, storytellers narrate a part of their life and family through a 90-second video.

The special awards of the festival include the Special Award for the Best Story with the theme of General Qassem Soleimani and the Special Award for the Best Story with the theme of Smile.

Also, in this edition of the festival, the “Unique Prize” of the festival will be awarded to Iranian and international participants chosen by the judges.

Ten narrators from across the world and fifteen Iranian narrators attended the 24th edition of the International Storytelling Festival.


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