Afghan Shias urge Taliban to cancel Muharram restrictions

Afghanistan Council of Shia scholars issued a statement demanding the Taliban not to prevent the installation of religious flags and holding of ceremonies during the month of Muharram.
During the meeting held on Saturday, the head and members of the Afghan Shia Scholars’ Council and the officials of mosques and religious places of all districts in Kabul urged the Taliban to participate in Muharram ceremonies as well as lifting the restrictions.
Meanwhile, a number of religious scholars considered the violent treatment of the Taliban security forces with the mourners and the lowering of the flags related to the third Shia Imam as an offensive act.
Some petitions were also signed in various mosques in Kabul and other cities regarding the lifting of the restrictions in which the citizens of the country and the mourners of Muharram asked Taliban security officials to provide security and remove the restrictions.
One of the Shia scholars also emphasized that the citizens expect current authorities to ensure security and accompany the Muharram mourners and participate in the ceremonies.
Last week, Maulvi Abdul Kabir, the acting Prime Minister of  Talibancalled for the close cooperation of Shias with the Taliban government. Also, the Taliban Ministers emphasized in a statement that Shias are an important part of Afghanistan and their rights are respected.
“Shias are an important part of the country like other Afghans and everyone is given equal and fair rights according to Islamic laws,” the Taliban official said.

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