‘After Midnight’, ‘A Farewell to Arm’ goes to India’s IDSFFK

‘A Farewell to Arm’ by Amir Hossein Karbakhsh is about the peace process between Palestine and Israel.

Directed by Mohammad Bagheri, ‘After Midnight’ tells the story of Maliheh who is pregnant and has got just tonight for saving her life and the life of her husband. A very narrow time that changes all her expectations.

Roya Javidnia and Roshanak Gerami are the only cast of the short film. 

Meanwhile, the Iranian short film ‘Black Seed’ has been also selected to go on screen in the 15th edition of the festival which is slated to be held on August 4-9.

Directed by Amirhoman Khosravani and co-written by Amir Najafi and Amirhoman Khosravani, the 15-minute short film is about a boy with Down syndrome.

“On the night of her death, a grandmother gives a valuable diamond to Sam, her eight-year-old grandson with Down syndrome. The diamond does not belong to their family but her sons are determined to find it,” the synopsis of the short film read.


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