Albania cuts off MKO terrorists access to internet

The Albanian government has cut off the access of the MKO Ashraf-3 Camp in its latest restricting move against the anti-Iranaian terrorist group by Tirana. Ashraf-3 camp in northwest of Tirana has been home for a decade to the MKO terrorists.
A source with knowledge of the matter told the Iranian Tasnim news agency on Sunday that the action was taken to stop the MKO members terrorist activities.
The source said that after the camp was denied the internet, the MKO members had to use mobile phone internet and some other illegal ways to connect.
This is the second major action taken by the Albanian government in the past months against the so-called MKO cyber army.
The anti-riot police raided the MKO camp over orchestrating cyberattacks against foreign institutions earlier this year in June.
The MKO is a notorious anti-Iran terror group that has assassinated or killed more than 12,000 Iranian nationals and government officials since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. 

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