Alireza Varnasari: Masjid Suleiman constituency has a record of 43% unemployment in the country

According to daily news report, Alireza Varnaseri said today, May 7, in Masjid Suleiman, on the sidelines of the visit of the Minister of Cooperation to Petrorefinery of this city: The unemployment rate in four cities of Banda’s constituency is over 43%, and it can be said that it is almost one of the country’s records. Therefore, in this trip, the most basic need of this region is to pay attention to this issue.

He added: One of the solutions that can make the situation bearable for the people of this region and bring it to a reasonable level is the establishment of petro-refinery.

Referring to the history of setting up Petrorefinery in recent years, Varnaseri noted: The temporary permits obtained in this regard go back to the past few years, but because these events did not happen at the appointed time, all permits have been practically invalidated, but now at the level of the ministry. Oil has been tried for the feed of this collection.

He said: The most basic job of me and all managers in the city and province as a servant of the people, as well as the national pension fund as the trustee of this work, is to launch this large complex that can create about 7,000 jobs in the region.

Varnaseri said: In addition to these works, a license for a chemical city has also been obtained, which can be developed for the coming years, and ironically, it complements the technical operations that are currently being carried out. If these events happen side by side in a timely, consecutive and correct process, the unemployment situation in the region will be minimized and we will play a central role in the production of national wealth.

Stating that there are two to three important obstacles in the petrochemical sector, he said: therefore, the relevant authorities should follow up on these obstacles. Over the past two to three years, with the number of changes in CEOs we have had, and during two meetings held at the National Gas Company, we have talked about solving this problem and problems, but unfortunately, the previous friends did not have a serious will to follow up and solve the problems.

Varnaseri added: We hope to be able to increase the production capacity, which is 85% today, to 100% with efforts and trust in God.

The representative of the people of Masjid Sulaiman stated that the financial issues and problems related to the payment of installments are another important obstacle, and said: Therefore, according to the policy of the serving government, measures should be taken to develop this sector as much as possible.

He stated: The issue of downstream industries has been one of the most serious obstacles, and many efforts have been made to solve this problem in the last two to three years. In this context, the country’s petrochemical industry company has issued licenses for these complexes so that we can see the development of this sector in the future.

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