Alireza Varnasari: Permission to establish Masjid Suleiman Medical School has been issued

The representative of the people of Masjid Sulaiman, Lali, Endika and Haftkal announced the issuance of a medical school license in Masjid Sulaiman with the aim of expanding health care services in this constituency.

According to daylinews, Alireza Vernaseri said in a press conference held at the Ahvaz Chamber of Commerce on Monday: The cities of Masjid Suleiman, Lali, Endika and Haftkal are facing many deprivations, but due to the follow-ups, the creation of necessary infrastructures The need in the region is growing.

He continued: One of the most important challenges of these cities is the lack of suitable medical centers, which with efforts and cooperation, in addition to the establishment of a hospital in the region, the number of hospital beds has grown significantly compared to the last 2 years.

Emphasizing that the recruitment and placement of specialist doctors in some medical centers is always followed, Varnaseri said: After the period of transfer of doctors, we will see specialist doctors in the medical centers of these cities.

The representative of the people of Masjid Suleiman, Lali, Endika and Haftkal added: In order to expand the health and treatment services in these cities, the permission to establish a medical school has been issued and definitely, with its establishment, a fundamental change will be made in this field.

The Ministry of Petroleum performs better in terms of social responsibilities than other ministries
In another part of this meeting, a member of the Energy Commission of the Islamic Council pointed out the importance of fulfilling the social responsibilities of industries especially in the surrounding areas and said: the cities of Masjid Suleiman, Lali and Haftkal are among the oil regions of the country that need more attention from the Ministry of Oil in the field of social responsibilities. Is.

Emphasizing that the Ministry of Oil has a better performance in the field of social responsibilities than other ministries of the government, he said: The Law of Social Responsibility has been approved and promulgated by the Islamic Council for many years, but except for the Ministry of Oil, other executive bodies. They have not functioned.

Varnaseri pointed to the 2018 earthquake in Masjid Suleiman and said: “The Ministry of Petroleum has provided acceptable services during this incident, but this process should continue continuously.”

The representatives of the people of Suleiman Mosque, Lali, Endika and Haftkal stated: Due to this incident, various efforts and measures have been taken in the deprived area of ​​Suleiman Mosque, a significant part of which was in the form of social responsibilities of the Ministry of Oil.

He added: The process of rebuilding Suleiman Mosque was slow for a while, but despite this, the affected areas got a chance to rebuild, and in addition, more than 950 demolished residential units were relocated.

Emphasizing that the initial estimates related to the damage of the accident-affected areas were incomplete at the beginning, Vernaseri said: After the expert estimates, the reconstruction of another 2,000 units was put on the agenda, the process of which is on the agenda of the trustees.

The representative of the people of Masjid Suleiman, Lali, Endika and Haftkal noted that the measures taken in the region are a favorable trend compared to the past, but we are still far from ideal conditions.

Criticizing the lack of management stability in Masjid Suleiman Petrochemical
In another part of his speech, the member of the Energy Commission of the Islamic Council criticized the lack of management stability in the Masjid Sulaiman Petrochemical Complex and said: The National Pension Fund is the major shareholder of this industrial unit, and at the beginning of this year, in a hasty move, he appointed a new CEO and after A month has also employed another CEO.

Emphasizing that in the meantime, the National Pension Fund attributed violations to the former CEO of this petrochemical, who was its creator, shareholder and operator, and said: As a representative of the people of Masjid Suleiman, Lali, Endika and Haftkal, I defend the local management of this petrochemical. and this is the fact that so far no claim has been made or proven by the pension fund group in the judicial authorities.

Varnaseri added: The measures and obstacles created by the pension fund have faced serious obstacles in the construction plan of “Bakhtiari” Petrorefinery, and practically this plan is in an aura of uncertainty.

The representatives of Khuzestan have signed the investigation plan of the Ministry of Energy
The representative of the people of Suleiman, Lali, Andika and Haftkal mosques also pointed to the issue of the research and investigation plan from the Ministry of Energy and said: This plan was approved by the signature of other representatives of the people of Khuzestan province in the Islamic Council regarding the transfer of water between the main branches of the river. So that the necessary checks are done.

He stated: This plan will definitely realize the rights of the people of Khuzestan to receive the required title and will bring practical changes to the conditions in the fields of environment, agriculture, industry and drinking in the province.

A member of the Khuzestan People’s Representatives Assembly in the Islamic Council, in another part of the meeting, pointed out the lags in the province and said: Despite the role of Khuzestan in the economic drivers of the country, unfortunately, the necessary attention has not been paid to this province.

He emphasized the necessity of compensating for these backlogs and said: the group of representatives of the province in the Islamic Council are trying to pay due attention to compensating some of the existing backlogs of the province in the form of drafting the seventh development plan of the country.

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