President Raeisi made the remarks on Tuesday in a big gathering of Venezuelan students held in Caracas, where he received a warm welcome by the attendees.
“Americans are the number one violators of human rights, while they condemn others for that,” the Iranian resident said in his address to the gathering while sitting alongside President Maduro.
“The discovery of dead bodies in Canada is one of the examples that clearly show anti-human rights efforts of the Global Arrogance (Western powers led by the US),” he noted in an apparent reference to the discovery of dozens of bodies in Canadian residential schools case.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran is against any war and military intervention. Any country that wants to live independently is sanctioned and threatened by the hegemony-seeking system (led by the US),” he further pointed out.
He also pointed out that the late founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini and the current Leader Ayatollah Khamenei see the solution in resistance rather than retreat in the face of enemy.
The US-led hegemonic system interferes in the internal affairs of independent countries, as an example, the great people of Venezuela saw how the Americans wanted to interfere in their fate over the past few years, the Iranian president said.
Elsewhere he said that in the new world order that is emerging, the independent countries will be in the center. He also stressed the need for the local currencies to replace the US dollar to end its supremacy.
He went on to call for investing in new technologies and artificial intelligence. “We agreed to establish a technology office in Caracas for the cooperation between the two countries on new technologies,” he declared.