In a meeting with Volker Türk, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva on Wednesday, the Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian called for an extraordinary meeting of the Human Rights Council to discuss the situation in Gaza and suggested that the Council form a team of experts to record the crimes committed by the Zionists in Gaza.
The top Iranian diplomat further said, “Now, in addition to attacking residential areas in Gaza, attacking hospitals is also a priority for the Zionist regime, and the United Nations Security Council, due to the influence of some members in support of the Zionist regime, could not materialize its role in stopping the war and ending this tragedy.”
Emphasizing the importance of the role of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in helping to end the ongoing tragedy in Gaza and pointing out the inability of the Security Council to fulfill its role, the Human Rights Council proposed an extraordinary meeting to discuss and exchange views of the UN member states for Help find a solution.
He also suggested that the Human Rights Council form a team of experts to record what the Zionist regime has done and is doing in Gaza.
“It is in the interest of all parties to work to end the aggression, lift the blockade, send humanitarian aid and prevent the displacement of the people of Gaza,” the top Iranian diplomat added.
Volker Türk expressed his happiness with the meeting and pointed to his recent trip to the Rafah region on the Gaza border, describing the humanitarian conditions in Gaza and even the West Bank as very worrying and explaining his and the UN Secretary General’s efforts to help exit from the current situation. 
The UN human rights chief further said that, “It is clear that taking action to stop the war is very necessary. He added that we must make maximum efforts to find a solution to this complicated and deplorable situation and prevent the war from spreading and the situation from becoming more complicated.”
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