Amirabdollahian: Iran has not given Russia weapons to use in Ukrainian war

Amir Abdollahian made the remarks on Friday in a telephone conversation with his Bulgarian counterpart, Nikolay Milkov.

Amir Abdollahian in the telephone conversation, referring to the recent developments in Ukraine, added that “we are against the continuation of the war in Ukraine and we are working for a ceasefire”.

He added that, based on Security Council Resolution 2231, “we do not have a ban on the export and import of weapons”, but Iran has not given Russia any weapons to use in the Ukraine war, and Iran’s position is against the expansion of NATO in the region and against the war in Ukraine.

He explained Tehran’s positions regarding holding an extraordinary meeting of the UN Human Rights Council and any political behavior against Iran.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria Nikolay Milkov, for his part, in the telephone conversation, emphasized the continuation of efforts to hold a joint commission in 2023, referring to the long-standing and good relations between the two countries.

Nikolay Milkov, meanwhile, thanked Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs for the explanations regarding the developments in Ukraine and the position of Iran in opposing the continuation of the war and pursuing political solutions to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.

He added that the Bulgarian government is committed to the process of revitalizing the JCPOA and realizing the agreement between Iran and society.


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