Anti-Iran armed adversary groups leave shared borders

A high committee on the implementation of joint security agreement between Iraq and Iran said in a statement that based on a previous agreement between the two countries, the bases used by anti-Iran armed adversary groups near the joint border have been evacuated, the National Iraqi News Agency reported.
In accordance with the Iraq-Iran security agreement and through joint efforts of the federal government, the government of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the joint high committee between the two countries, the final evacuation of the bases near the border with Iran, which were used by groups opposed to Iran, was done, the statement said.
Thise bases were moved to a place far from the Iran-Iraq shared border and the mentioned groups were disarmed, the committe also said, adding, the border guard forces of the federal government of Iraq were stationed in those areas and hoisted the Iraqi flags.
Iraq highlights that border security is a common responsibility and that the agreement is the reference, the statement read.
Dialogue is considered as the best way to resolve any problems or disputes to strengthen the relationship, it added.


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