Anti-Iranian resolution by EU to list IRGC as “terrorist group” irresponsible, illogical: Kanaani

Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Kanaani stressed, “Islamic Revolution Guards Corps is derived from the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and it is based on the Charter of the United Nations, so imposing any sanctions on the IRGC is the same as apparent violation of the Charter”.

“Our proper response is absolutely based on the Europeans’ action, so we will take reciprocal and serious measures against their move,” he added.

Regarding some Western officials’ allegations over Iran’s aid to Moscow in Russia-Ukraine war, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman noted, “Discussions have been held recently between Iranian and Ukrainian missions in a third country about the unproven allegations. During the meetings, convincing evidence was not provided by the Ukrainian side or any other sides”.

“Iran’s stances about the issue have been announced constantly and we have never provided any sides with any drones or military aids. Moreover, Iran is not a part of the war and strongly believes that the solution of the crisis is political. It is noteworthy to mention that those who claim are the biggest suppliers of the weapons to the war,” Kanaani emphasized.

Nasser Kanaani stated, “In case of the next meetings with Ukraine, Iran does not have any limitations to the issue. As discussed earlier during the meeting between Iranian Foreign Minister and the EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell, we are ready to hold another technical talk with Ukrainians to hear their convincing justifications to the allegations”.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman with referring to the sanctions removal talks, said, “As the Iranian Foreign Minister indicated, conveying messages is being continued through different channels. It is important to add that if we don’t hold official meetings, it does not mean that there is no interaction”.

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