Ants in the course of sports competition / Shirazi ants in sports film festival

The short documentary “Ants” by Alireza Mirzaei entered the short documentary competition section of the 13th International Sports Film Festival of Iran.
According to Khabar Rooz, the director of this work, Mirzaei, said: This film was made in 2019 and before the Corona epidemic with a number of friends and at a very low cost, with the theme of the role of waste collectors in society and a look at their benefit to nature and to We worked on community dynamism and I am very happy that I was able to make Shiraz city and Fars province proud at the “Pakkan Online Short Film” festival.

While complaining about the conditions of filmmaking in Shiraz, this Shirazi documentary maker continued:
Last year, I made three social documentaries, but I faced obstacles from Ershad Fars, while we all know that the main task of Ershad is to support the filmmaker, not to create obstacles for him, for example In order to obtain a filming license to record the parts of the film that had been postponed, I pursued an aerial photography license for almost three months, and after three months have passed, a filming license has not yet been issued to me due to false and baseless reasons. Regarding the legal clauses related to movies, they said that you will not be issued a production license, I don’t understand at all what the license for shooting in the city has to do with the license to produce cinematographic works?
The same documentary “Ants” in the 9th edition of the Shiraz Short Film Festival was shown with disdain in the secondary section, and finally the jury stated that no work is worthy of the first prize in this section.
This year, with utmost respect to the recommendation of a friend, I sent two works to the secretariat of the 10th Shiraz Short Film Festival, the same festival that is famous for being passive, suffering, lobbying and uncredited, but to my utter surprise, none of the selected works It didn’t happen.
Now, my main question here is if these films are supported and welcomed in a national and prestigious festival, what answer do you have to say?
Do not forget that stubbornness with the artist is detrimental to you and us, and as a result, the atmosphere of filmmaking in the province.
I must also add that I and many of my friends who have a lot of experience in art, cinema and culture are still deprived of having an art card and this is while many acquaintances of the employees of the same guidance, without even having a history of artistic and cultural activities, have been for a long time. They have received an art card.
Explain to me where exactly is this justice?
Respected gentlemen who work in Irshad Cinema Circle, I request you to point out if you have a personal problem with me so that we can be informed and clear up the confusion, misunderstanding and ambiguity.

Mirzaei continued: All these complaints are in the midst of the fact that the Irshad Film Circle issued nearly two hundred filming permits last year, while a handful of these works have even won regional honors.
It seems that there is a movement in Fars guidance that deliberately seeks to create obstacles for honorable, committed, concerned and of course law-abiding filmmakers.

In the end, this young Shirazi filmmaker, while being pleased with the changes made in the filmmaking environment of Fars province, said: I hope that with the support and tact of the new and young Director General of Fars Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance, these obstacles will be removed and better conditions will be created for filmmaking in Saghor province. to eat

It is worth mentioning that according to the secretary of the 13th Iran International Sports Film Festival, more than 500 films from Iran and 68 countries have reached the secretariat of the 13th festival, and the most films are from Iran, America, India, and Italy respectively. , Turkey, Brazil, England, France, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, China and Egypt have been sent to the festival and the participation of more than 68 countries in the 13th festival of sports films in the period that in the last two years due to the outbreak Corona has reduced the production of films, it has been very encouraging and a sign of recognition and companionship of filmmakers from all over the world with this event. In the last days of July and the beginning of August, the selected works of the festival will be displayed in Tehran for three days.

Other factors of this short documentary are:

Cinematographers: Mohammad Naseri Rad, Mohsen Fallahzadeh
Editing and sound: Mohammad Naserirad
Music text: Mohsen Fallahzadeh and Mohammad Hossein Fallahzadeh
Poster design: Mohammad Hossein Fallahzadeh
Poster performance: Soroush Karimi

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