In a message on Sunday, Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, the IRGC Navy commander, congratulated accomplishing the around-the-world mission by the Iranian Navy 86th Flotilla and their return to home.
“Now, it is clear to everyone that thanks God,the always heroic Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, relying on faith and resolve and using advanced and deterrent defense and military capabilities, has become a terrible nightmare for the enemies that are armed to the teeth, especially the American terrorist regime and its evil allies in he region and beyond.,” Admiral Tangsiri said in his message
He praised the unity between the Iranian army and IRGC despite all malicious attempts to divide the Iranian armed forces and said, “Iran’s maritime presence in the waters around the world and the expression of maritime power all signal the revival of a new power.”
He further noted that all the achievements and accomplishments come while the Iranian armed forces have been under Western sanctions, which all show the level of Iran’s power.