Arrest of a thief of sewage valves in Tabriz

The police commander of Tabriz city announced: with the speed of action of the police, a thief with a history of sewage valves was arrested during the robbery.
According to the , Colonel “Ramadan Alhordian” the police commander of Tabriz city explained the details of this news: following the occurrence of several thefts of sewage valves in the streets of Tabriz, due to the sensitivity of the issue and similar thefts and uploading videos of thefts In cyberspace, which has been widely reflected in public opinion, the issue of arresting a thief or thieves has been on the agenda of the police.

He added: “By conducting intelligence operations and field investigations and conducting targeted patrols, 16 police officers of this city finally observed and accused the accused while stealing a white Pride vehicle with a damaged license plate during imperceptible patrols.” they arrested.

The police official clarified: during the inspection of the accused’s hiding place, a large number of stolen windows were discovered and the accused was introduced to the judicial authorities after being transferred to the police station.

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