Bashar Assad made the remarks in a meeting Special Envoy of the Chinese Government on the Middle East Zhai Jun on Saturday where he also praised the Chinese mediation that culminated in the rapprochement and improvement of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which will have a positive impact on the stability of the entire Middle East region,  SANA reported. 
Assad underlined the importance of the Belt and Road Initiative aimed at achieving development and economic cooperation.
The Syrian president stressed that the confrontation with US and the West has been economic in the first place, which makes it increasingly necessary to discard the US dollar in transactions, and that BRICS countries can play a leading role in this area, as well as the option of adopting the Chinese yuan for trade transactions between countries.
For his part, the  Chinese special envoy Zhai Jun expressed his country’s satisfaction with the victory achieved by the Syrian people in their battle against terrorism and considered that a victory for all countries that defend their sovereignty and dignity.
He said that Beijing will support Syria with words and deeds in international forums in defense of truth and justice, and support its battle against hegemony, terrorism and external interference
He expressed his country’s support for the positive developments taking place in the rapprochement between Syria and the Arab countries.