Assassination of Resistance leaders to further unite Muslims

In a statement on Tuesday, Hezbollah strongly condemned the Israeli regime’s latest aggression in the Gaza Strip, saying the Resistance movement of Lebanon completely supports “all options” to counter the Zionist enemy.
Hezbollah said the earlier Tuesday’s assassination of Resistance leaders in Gaza will make the Islamic community and the Resistance Front more determined than ever before to defeat the occupying regime.
“The assassination of resistance leaders will increase the Islamic and Arab unity and awareness and will make them more determined to continue choosing the option of jihad and resistance until complete victory,” the movement said.
The Israeli regime launched massive airstrikes across the besieged Gaza Strike early on Tuesday, killing 13 people, including six women and four children. Three senior commanders of the Islamic Jihad movement were among those martyred.
“The brutal attacks of the Zionist enemy on the Gaza Strip showed the true meaning of betrayal, terrorism and intimidation,” Hezbollah said, calling on the international community and humanitarian organizations to take steps to end Israeli atrocities.

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