At least 16 people were injured in a shooting on the New York subway

A gunman wearing a gas mask fired at least 16 people when a smoke bomb exploded on a subway car in the Brooklyn area of ​​New York on Tuesday.

According to the daylinews , New York officials announced that the assailant, who probably shot at the people alone, fled the scene after this action.

At the same time, the White House announced that US President Joe Biden was aware of the details of the shooting in the New York subway and had offered to help the mayor and the New York police.

The bomber struck as a subway train was entering a station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood, where 10 people were shot dead, including five in critical condition.

At least six other people were injured in the shooting chaos, either injured in the chaos of the shooting or injured when frightened passengers escaped from a smoky wagon.

New York police described the suspect as a large man in a green vest and a hooded sweatshirt.

According to Fox News, the New York City Police Department is looking for a van, a van used to move items and furniture, with an Arizona license plate, in connection with the shooting.

cnn also reported that police had a video recorded on a mobile phone of an eyewitness who showed the suspect, and Johal said it was working closely with authorities on available information about a search of a rented van and its possible connection to the shooting. .

New York Police Commissioner Kichant Seoul said the shooting was not currently being considered a terrorist act, although authorities did not rule out any motive for the shooting.

“We will not allow New Yorkers to be intimidated by even one person,” said Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, who is in quarantine for Covid 19 himself. New York police are searching for the fugitive suspect and we will find him.

“But we urge people to provide any information that might help us in this research,” Adams said.

The mayor of New York also said in an interview with Cyanan that Tuesday’s shooting was “a senseless act of violence” and vowed to double the number of officers patrolling the subway.

New York Governor Katie Hochwell also said she was devoting “full resources to New York State” to fight the rise in crime.

Police and rescue workers rushed students and school staff to a safe haven in the area after the shooting.

The shooting station was located in the Chinatown neighborhood and close to the famous Statue of Liberty.

Several blocks and streets around the shooting site were cordoned off after the incident, and New York police officials said a widespread search for the perpetrator was ongoing.

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