Attack on Shah Cheragh indiscriminate act of terrorism: MP

Speaking to Mehr on Monday, the Chairman of Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Vahid Jalalzadeh said that the enemies spare no efforts to undermine Iran and other Islamic nations security and peace and for that reason, they back terrorist groups. 
The terrorist attack on the shrine of Shah Cheragh (PBUH) was an indiscriminate act of terrorism that can happen anywhere in the world, he said, adding that the enemy cannot brag about it claiming that they could undermine Iran’s security with terorism. 
Stating that Iran will definitely take revenge on ISIL for the attack, he clarified that the attack was not an offensive move, but a desperate defensive move.
“Because ISIL has received many blows from the Resistance Front, it is trying to show it is still alive and can hit us with these actions,” he stressed. 
Due to the good security layers that existed in Shah Cheragh, the previous move was not repeated and the terrorist was arrested at the earliest possible time, the Iranian lawmaker added. 
Jalalzadeh stated that the security agencies are investigating the various aspects of this terrorist act and will definitely inform the people about the results.
At least one person was killed and eight others were injured in an armed terrorist attack at the Shah Cheragh shrine in Iran’s southern city of Shiraz on Sunday evening.
One of those injured in the attack was in critical condition last night.
Also, on October 26, 2022, an armed terrorist barged into the shrine, killing 15 pilgrims, including women and children, and injuring dozens more before he was shot and injured by security forces.

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