Attacks in Syria not to save downing Tel Aviv regime

Speaking in a gathering with a group of IRGC commanders on Saturday, Major General Salami said that “This year is the year of generating power for the Revolutionary Guards, which is the column of the Islamic Revolution.”
“Take a look the Zionists. They have come to the streets in protest. Some of them are old men and children; These [anarchy and unrest] have never been seen during the lifetime of the Zionist regime,” the IRGC chief said. “As the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said a few days ago, it seems that the 25-year deadline the Leader previously had predicted has come closer and the regime’s early collapse is in sight now.”
He added that seeing the Zionist’s child killings regime’s days are numbered, and no Arab states seek to normalize ties with it anymore.
“Today, even America cannot defend the occupying and temporary Zionist regime, and the queue of Arab countries to normalize relations with the Zionist regime has also reached the end of the line,” gen. Salami further pointed out.

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