Awarding title of honorary professor of Peking University to President Raisi

The ceremony of awarding the title of Honorary Professor of Peking University to Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was held in the presence of the President, professors and students of the university.

Expressing his satisfaction with the presence of President Raisi and his accompanying delegation in China and in the university, Hao Ping, President of Peking University, said, “Thanks to the services and actions of Ayatollah Raisi in the direction of strengthening and developing relations between Iran and China, as well as maintaining peace and stability in the region and the world, he is awarded the title of “Honorary Professor” of Peking University”.

He clarified, “The title of honorary professor was awarded to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran after the approval of the Scientific Council of Peking University”.

Also, in this ceremony and with the presence of Ayatollah Raisi, the 4 best professors of this university in the field of Iranian studies and teaching Persian language were praised.

Peking University was established in 1898 as the first national comprehensive university in China.

Since its establishment, Peking University has trained many outstanding talents, including Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China.

Peking University ranks 23rd among the top universities in the world and 2nd among the top universities in Asia.

This university has established exchange programmes with nearly 400 universities and research institutes in more than 60 countries.

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