Ayatollah Khamenei’s books showcased at Doha Intl. Book Fair

Nearly 30 books written by Ayatollah Khamenei or related to him were translated into Arabic and presented to visitors of the Doha International Book Fair.

The Leader’s books were welcomed by the Qatari, Yemeni, and Lebanese Shias, as well as the Iranians living in Qatar.

The Doha International Book Fair is one of the oldest and largest international book fairs in the region and enjoys a good reputation due to the high demand from Arab and foreign countries participating in it. The first launch of the exhibition was held in 1972 under the supervision of the Dar Al Kutub Al Qatariya. It would be held every two years but since 2002 it became an annual activity.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, many cultural events are held like seminars, lectures, workshops etc. The Fair is being held at Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.


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