Azerbaijani people must scared of Israeli regime ‘not’ Iran

Nasser Kan’ani criticized the anti-Tehran move of Baku officials in issuing a warning against traveling to Iran on Sunday.
This is the same policy adopted by the head of the fake, child-killing, and occupying regime of Israel during his recent trip to Baku, Kan’ani tweeted on Monday.
The people of Azerbaijan must be scared of the Zionist regime, not the civilized and Islamic Iran, he noted.
Visa waiver for Azerbaijani brothers and sisters is still the policy of Iran, the Iranian diplomat said.
“Continuation of neighborhood policy is our top priority, of course, within the framework of mutual respect for good neighborliness,” he said.
Earlier, a number of media sources reported about the alleged cancellation of all flights from Azerbaijan to Iran.
However, Heydar Aliyev International Airport denied reports of canceling flights from Baku to Tehran.
The reports came a day after the Republic of Azerbaijan leveled some accusations against Tehran and issued a warning against traveling to Iran.
In the statement, Azerbaijan had advised its citizens to refrain from traveling to Iran except in cases of emergency and to carry out such trips with caution.

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