Bahrain Coalition Youth of 14 Feb. Revolution denounces Izeh terrorist attack

In its Thursday statement, Bahrain’s Coalition Youth of 14 Feb. Revolution said that the US as well as the global Zionist arrogance and their agents in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other neighboring countries of Iran are trying to bring the Islamic Revolution to its knees, but all of their attempts will fail.

The statement further said the Islamic Republic in Iran is a system that possesses strong political, religious, security and military bonds, and more important, is strongly accepted by its people.

For that reason, the statement added, the killing of innocent civilians including women and children, creating riots in different areas, and supporting terrorism to deal blows to Iran will fail to topple the Islamic Republic.  

Bahrain’s Coalition Youth of 14 Feb. Revolution expressed assurances that the Iranian nation will back the Islamic Republic through their wisdom and steadfastness.

At least seven people lost their lives and ten more were wounded when two gunmen on motor bikes started shooting at people in central Izeh, in the southern province of Khuzestan.


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