Biden reiterates accusations against Iran atomic program

The US president focused his address to the UN general assembly on Russia-Ukraine war, China while accusing Iran of seeking nuclear warheads. 
According to The Guardian, in his speech, Biden claimed that the US also remained committed to diplomatic means to contain North Korean’s nuclear weapons program and would “remain steadfast in our commitment that Iran must never acquire nuclear weapons”.
Biden’s allegations comes despite the fact that Iran is cooperating with the UN nuclear watchdog and has said that its nuclear program is for totally peaceful purposes.
Meanwhile, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has issued a religious Fatwa banning the acquisition of all types of WMDs or nuclear bombs.
As regards the Ukraine war, the US president claimed that Russia started the war against Ukraine without provocation.
He accused Russia of “shredding longstanding arms control agreements” but claimed that the US would “lead by example” in limiting the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
Biden castigated the Putin government for its suspension, in February this year, of the 2010 New Start treaty, the last arms control agreement between the two countries.
That suspension, coupled with Russia’s withdrawal from the Conventional Forces in Europe treaty in 2007, was “irresponsible and makes the entire world less safe”, the president further claimed.

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