BRICS expansion to be on agenda of august summit

“A number of countries stated their intention to join the BRICS in some way. And this, of course, is such an interesting event, because it indicates the international authority of this integrational association. We expect the BRICS summit to take place in late August. And the expansion will be on agenda. BRICS member states will discuss that,” the spokesman said.

According to Peskov, “there are certain nuances” regarding which expansion format would be better to adopt and whether it should be adopted at all.

The spokesman added that Russia is satisfied that more and more states display show keen interest in the BRICS, TASS reported.

In early June, Iran’s foreign minister said that the members of the BRICS group of emerging economies have welcomed the Islamic Republic’s potential accession to the powerful bloc.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi also recently said that Iran’s membership in BRICS will be materialized soon.


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