by the order of the governor of Khuzestan; Drinking and agricultural water was supplied to Lali and Andika cities

According to daylinews , Dr. Ali Akbar Hosseini Mehrab during a two-day trip to Lali and Endika cities while visiting construction projects, healthcare, agriculture and industries, while attending the Administrative Council of Endika city, noted: the issues and problems of Two cities have been thoroughly investigated and good decisions have been made.

The governor of Khuzestan pointed out that the decisions made in a committee should be followed up and implemented in a special way, and said: Supplying drinking water and agriculture is the most important issue of the people, that the economic prosperity and employment of the region depends on this issue, so it was decided that the water and electricity organization should deal with the related problems. raise and follow up in provincial meetings.

The chief director of Khuzestan province announced: We have a plan to use water from two dams in Lali and Endika cities to provide drinking and agricultural water in the region.

Dr. Hosseini Mihrab stated: In the field of natural resources, good approvals were also approved, including the cultivation of wood and medicinal plants for two cities, although these two capacities have been neglected for years, but with their flourishing, good employment will be created for the region, which will definitely bring economic prosperity. also follows.

He stated: industrial and road capacities including repair, widening of roads, electric substation; Lighting and… have also been investigated, and soon basic measures will be implemented in this direction.

The governor of Khuzestan pointed to the water supply of Abzhedan and Qala Khajeh and said: According to a considered schedule, the drinking water of these two parts will be put into use.

15 thousand hectares of land in 4 cities will be converted from rainfed to irrigated using this year’s credits.

Based on this report, the representative of the people of Masjid Suleiman, Lali, Haftkal and Andika cities in the Islamic Council stated: During the fasting trip of the governor of Khuzestan along with a number of general managers of the executive bodies to the two cities of Lali and Andika, issues and problems were specially examined. is placed

Alireza Varnaseri pointed out: Fortunately, according to the previous follow-ups at the provincial and national levels, all the issues and problems of the region were examined individually and good decisions were made.

Referring to the ongoing projects such as gas, water, electricity, healthcare, school and road renovation, he said: Fortunately, with the efforts made, this project has grown significantly compared to the past.

Emphasizing that we should try to take the implementation step after creating the civil infrastructure for the people’s livelihood and economy by utilizing the capacities of four cities, he said: in the agriculture sector, industrial animal husbandry, fisheries, medicinal plants and the development of gardens, the economy and livelihood can be improved. He made people flourish.

People’s representative in the Islamic Council pointed out: the region is rich in land, air and water, and by using the potentials of 4 cities, we can radically reduce unemployment.

Varnaseri considered the tourism capacities of Andika city as important and stated: natural tourism, religious tourism, sports, ecotourism, handicrafts and what tourists need in this city are among the other unique possibilities of the region.

He said: Considering the roots and origins of this region, we can revive what we had in the past.

He called the creation of sustainable employment the most important issue discussed in the presence of the governor and members of the administrative council and noted: 15 thousand hectares of land in 4 cities will be converted from rainfed to water using the current year’s funds, which was done during the recent visit of the president to Khuzestan province has also been investigated.

Varnaseri announced: Bakhtiari Masjid Suleiman Petrorefinery will start working soon with an allocation of 4 billion euros.

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