Esmaili made the remarks in a conference held in Tehran to honor female journalists dubbed “The first international Khurshid media festival”.

The Iranian minister said that the world is changing and a new world order is appearing. 

“As media activists, we must know that if the existing political, economic and media order does not change, as the observers argue, the current trend of the world will bring it to the brink of non-existence,” he said.

“Today, there is a power in the world that has weakened the secular perspectives in the media culture and made religious and spiritual perspectives more possible (empowered),” he continued.

He further predicted that “The next half decade will be the years of disruption of the media order of the capitalist world.” He noted that the objectification of women in the media and society is rooted in capitalism, adding that the capitalist system objectifies women as consumable goods.

Esmaili further said that a new cultural era is emerging, calling on women to understand the process of shifts and try to play a constructive role in tomorrow’s world.

The culture minister continued to say that the time is over for the global media (mainstream media), stressing that, the enlightenment (awakening) of women is not mere words, but it is a necessity and steps must be taken to strengthen it.