Car import conditions changed

According to a new parliamentary resolution, any natural or legal person can now import an all-electric, hybrid, petrol or gas-powered car in exchange for car exports or through imports without currency transfer. Of course, the amount of imports will be determined by the Competition Council.

According to daylinews , in the open session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, with 172 votes in favor, 38 votes against and 3 abstentions from a total of 243 deputies present in the open court, the amendments of Article 4 of the Industries and Mines Commission were approved in order to secure the Guardian Council’s opinion.

Mehdi Dadfar, secretary of the Automobile Importers Association, said about the parliament’s decision on conditional car import: “According to the parliament’s decision, car import is not limited to companies, so we want to identify eligible companies. All natural and legal persons can import cars. “This law has shared an equal and fair opportunity between everyone, and everyone can be present in this space, and it has not imposed any restrictions in this regard.”

He added: “The import of used cars was mentioned in Note 5 of the car market regulation plan, which was deleted. Now only zero-kilometer cars can be imported, and the previous rules and regulations will still apply to imports. Therefore, the import of cars worth more than $ 40,000 or cars over 2,500 cc is still prohibited; “This means that the previous regulations on car imports will continue to apply.”

“Re-importing a car is not a difficult task and we can import it practically, even if the car importing companies have disappeared in the three years that car imports have been banned,” said the secretary of the Automobile Manufacturers Association. “Since the decree does not rely on companies and allows imports to any natural or legal person, it will not cause much trouble and individuals can import cars in accordance with the rules and regulations.”

“If there is a need for after-sales service support companies for imported cars, our companies can support after-sales service and can provide services for all types of cars,” he said. “We also have multi-brand service companies today.” Mehdi Dadfar has even predicted a price reduction of up to 80%, but due to the rising trend of the dollar price, the limitation of these car imports and its difficult conditions, some others do not believe so and consider the reduction to be temporary and insignificant.

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