In October, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian urged the executive committee of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation to impose political and economic sanctions, including an oil embargo, on Israel and sever diplomatic ties with the regime.

He also suggested that the Israeli regime face an international tribunal over its “war crimes.”

“We have not yet observed any discussions on the oil embargo, but the Arab countries have discussed the issue. We do not export oil to Israel. We have no diplomatic relations with it. But we would support any measure that would be adopted in OPEC aimed at resolving the situation, at establishing a dialogue between the sides,” Gil told Sputnik.

The Venezuelan top diplomat said that the ongoing hostilities in the Gaza Strip were “a violation” of all international agreements “in the field of humanitarian law.”

“Israel is engaged in genocide. We insist on a ceasefire without any conditions. The access for humanitarian aid should also be provided,” Gil added.