Chamber asks for drafting roadmap for broader Iran-Russia economic ties

Hadi Tizhoosh-Taban said on Tuesday that holding Iran-Russia Trade Conference is an appropriate opportunity for broadening trade ties, reiterating, “By identifying the problems faced by the owners of businesses and their serious concerns and reflecting them to the concerned officials we can take long strides towards broadening bilateral trade ties.”

He added that broader economic ties with the neighboring countries can be a reliable strategy to lower the destructive effects of the sanctions.

Tizhoosh-Taban further emphasized that regional developments on the one side, and the pressure of sanctions on the other side have affected the two countries’ relations, and therefore, the significance of corridors is more evident now.

The Iranian head of the joint trade commerce said that Iran-Russia economic cooperation has increased in three fields, namely in energy, transportation and agricultural fields.

“So far, the International Cooperation Council of the Caspian Sea Littoral States Joint Chamber of Commerce has been established, aimed at broadening and deepening international trade ties, and as of remote past the northern provinces of Iran have been the threshold for broadening trade ties with Russia, as a friendly country,” he further emphasized.


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