China warns US against selling weapons to Taiwan

“Some forces in the US seek to use Taiwan in order to contain China. These are very dangerous activities that amount to playing with fire. China urges the US to respect the One-China principle and three joint communiques, end military ties with and weapons supplies to the island, and stop introducing factors that can cause contradictions in the Taiwan Strait,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson noted.
Tensions in the Taiwan Strait escalated following the visit of then-US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan on August 2-3, 2022. Several delegations of US lawmakers and governors have also made trips to Taiwan. China views such visits as provocations constituting interference in its domestic affairs and support for Taiwanese separatists.
Taiwan has been governed by its local administration since 1949 but Beijing regards the island as one of its provinces. Washington remains Taiwan’s main supplier of weapons and military equipment.

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