Chinese ambassador to Tehran: People in Middle East should make decisions for region

Speaking in Kerman Province, Chinese ambassador to Iran Chang Hua told reporters, “The history of China and Iran’s trade is very old. In the past, Iran was an important point in the Silk Road and now China is the biggest trade partner of Iran”.

“The ties between Iran and China have well developed in recent years and a couple of years ago both countries signed a comprehensive strategic agreement. Also, Iran-China relations have improved in all fields with the help of both Presidents. Moreover, Iran has friendly relations with all the Persian Gulf countries and boosting its own trade ties. China is involved with the improvement as well,” he added.

Chang Hua said, “China constantly maintains peace, stability and global improvement and never follows its own advantages in the Middle East, but pursues peace and stability in the region,” while referring to the role of China in resuming ties between Iran-Saudi Arabia.

He went on to say, “With the request of Iran and Saudi Arabia, China hosted the current negotiations and after rounds of talks, they agreed to resume relations and a joint statement was signed by Iran, Saudi Arabia and China”.

Hua concluded, “Iran-Saudi Arabia agreement has certain achievements and that is why the world has paid attention to this agreement. This is a victory for peace and talk”.

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