Closure of towel dyeing contaminant unit in Tabriz

The head of the environmental protection department of Tabriz city announced the sealing of a towel dye pollutant unit in Esfahalan village from the functions of Tabriz city.
Shahnam Ashtari, head of the Environmental Protection Department of Tabriz, announced the news: “The Environmental Protection Department of the city of Tabriz guarantees a serious approach to all polluting industries, especially in the second half of the year.” Supervision and monitoring of the industries of Tabriz city has increased and in this regard, a polluting dyeing unit that was operating in the village of Esfahan without an environmental permit was sealed by the executive officers of the environmental protection department of the city with a court order.

He added: “This unit, by releasing raw and untreated effluent from the dyeing process into agricultural lands, had caused pollution and dissatisfaction and complaints of the residents of that area.”
Ashtari continued: “On this basis, this unit was closed by the executive agents after going through the legal process, and it was prevented from continuing its activities until the necessary environmental arrangements were made.”
In the end, the head of the Environmental Protection Department of Tabriz city warned the polluting units: “Pollution is our red line and we will deal with polluting industries.”

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