‘Count to 10’ nominated for 2 international awards

“Count to 10” narrates the story of a couple who starts walking as much as they could until one of them passes out. And whoever passes out first has to follow the winner’s decision whatever it might be.

Manoucher Zendeh Del, Qazaal Nazar, Elnaz Bateni, Mania Babaei, Amir Nazar and Bahram Hosseini are the cast of the film.

Playback International Film Festival’s goal is to promote films from around the world and bring creators together. Its mission is to find, cultivate and celebrate the very best in international and homegrown talent across all departments of independent filmmakers. 

Benelux International Film Festival (BIFF) is a festival like no other. At the BIFF live event gala, they give filmmakers the opportunity to network with directors, producers and other filmmakers.


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