Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili made the remarks on the national day of commemorating books, book-reading, and librarians in Tehran.

He said that Iran has 3,800 libraries which make the country first among Muslim countries.

Commenting on the provincial trips of the incumbent government during the current Iranian year, he underlined the role of the officials in following up on incomplete projects.

Earlier, President Raisi made the remarks on the day, noting that one of the ways to increase awareness among human communities is to promote book reading.

Asking the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to facilitate access to books in Iranian society, he said that the level of connection of society with culture can be evaluated through the index of reading books.

One of the ways to get acquainted with religious and cultural figures is to study books and their scripts, he noted, urging the young generation to read books written by Allameh Tabatabaei, an Iranian scholar, theorist, philosopher, and one of the most prominent thinkers of modern Shia Islam.


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