Cut off the access of Iranians abroad to Iran’s banking systems

To prevent cyber attacks, Tehran restricted the access of Iranians to banking systems abroad.

“IRNA” news agency added in this context, “competent authorities” in this country have recommended that “in order to deal with cyber threats”, the access of customers of “a limited number of banks” to banking systems, including internet banking and mobile banking abroad, will be limited. .

More details, including the decision-making body, have not been published in this regard, but IRNA quoted these “competent sources” as saying that these restrictions will be temporary.

In recent days, government internet systems in Iran have been subjected to cyber attacks.

The media affiliated with “People’s Mojahedin Khalq Organization” announced yesterday that this group succeeded in hacking the website and systems of “Islamic Culture and Communication Organization”.

In this regard, the “From Uprising to Overthrow” group has announced that during this attack, it has obtained more than 200 thousand documents and files, some of which are confidential.

Last month, the People’s Mojahedin hacked and disabled surveillance cameras of Behesht Zahra, Ruhollah Khomeini’s tomb and dozens of other government centers in a massive cyber attack on Tehran Municipality.

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