Decline of Israeli regime inevitable, Salami asserts

Addressing the ceremony of International Quds Day on Friday, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami said that the enemies sought to disturb Iran’s security with sanctions, isolation, military threats, and psychological operations.
The greatest pressure was imposed on Iran, but the great nation of Iran passed through all these adventures and resisted the obstacles.
The enemies sought to isolate Iran, but today Iran is the source of legitimacy for other countries, Salami underlined.
Elsewhere in his remarks, General Salami referred to the upcoming decline of the Zionist regime and said, “The Zionist regime is facing a crisis in its foreign policy, it is also witnessing internal turmoil and social protests, and it has the ability to respond to the uncontrollable protests of the people, and this course of decline is inevitable.”
The Palestinian nation has gained a new life and the West Bank has been armed, and the mystery of security for this regime is becoming more complicated every day, he also noted.
Today, in Lebanon, Syria, the Gaza Strip, etc., the Zionist regime comes under fire, but it cannot respond and does not know where it is being attacked from.

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