Denial of the Ministry of Oil; The presence of 5,000 Chinese security forces is ‘clumsy newsmaking’

In recent days, there have been renewed rumors about the presence of 5,000 Chinese security forces to attend the sidelines of oil and gas projects by Chinese companies, the Ministry of Petroleum said in a statement.
According to daylinews , the General Department of Public Relations of the Ministry of Petroleum called the news “clumsy newsmaking” in its announcements, and said that these newsmindations are motivated by specific goals.

“The Ministry of Petroleum, while declaring such news to be false and fake, declares that the spread of such rumors is not unrelated to the successes of recent months in laying the groundwork for attracting investment as well as a significant increase in Iran’s oil exports,” the statement said.

The Ministry of Petroleum suggested that “the purpose of spreading these rumors is to force the government to disclose part of its actions and plans to increase oil exports, but the Ministry of Petroleum, in the national interest of the country, will never reveal ways to neutralize sanctions.” .

Iran and China signed a 25-year comprehensive cooperation plan document in April this year, part of which is dedicated to oil cooperation between the two countries, but details of the agreement have not been released.

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