Denmark continues to invest in Iran despite sanctions: Envoy

Jesper Vahr made the remarks in a meeting with the governor of Isfahan province. 

Stating that Isfahan is a cultural province with very high potential, the Danish official said “Our cultural interactions with Iran have been at an ordinary level.”

Referring to the huge tourism potential in Iran and Isfahan, he said, “Iran has one of the most densely populated historical attractions in the world, and the leading province in this regard is Isfahan.”

“The first area of interaction could be in the field of music, and we are interested in collaborating in this area,” he added. 

He also called for joint exhibitions between Denmark and Isfahan to host works of artists. 

According to Vahr, Denmark is a pioneer in protecting natural resources, combating carbon dioxide emissions, and preserving water resources worldwide.

“Memorandums of understanding between Denmark and Iran are being negotiated, and we hope to have good cooperation regarding the protection of energy resources,” he further said. 


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