Deputy FM: Several EU countries willing to have economic ties with Iran

Headed by Mehdi Safari, a session of Headquarters to Coordinate Foreign Economic Relations, titled ‘The Latest Status of Iran’s Economic Relations with Latin America’ was held in the presence of the headquarter members and the managers of the concerned organizations.

In the session Safari referred to the existing potentials in Latin America, highlighting the need for planning to take maximum advantage of those possibilities, expressing hope that the required arrangements among the entire involved sectors will be made as soon as possible.

Among the needs of that region, that the Islamic Republic of Iran can provide, the deputy foreign minister referred to petrochemical products, petroleum, agricultural products, medicines and medical facilities, handicrafts and engineering services.

Then the managing director of Ministry of Foreign Affairs America Office, referring to the doubling of Iran-Brazil trade balance during the past year, said that Venezuela has requested to benefit from Iran’s engineering and products, and Cuba has asked for broadening economic ties with Iran.

“The atmosphere and capacity for working with the countries in that region in very high and relying on precise planning we can take maximum advantage of that capacity,” he added.

Also, referring to holding a session of the Iran-Hungary Joint Economic Commission, he said that Hungary has announced readiness for bilateral cooperation in university, agricultural, and economic fields, which will be documented during the Hungarian agriculture minister’s visit of Tehran in early 2023.

Safari also said at the end that some European countries, too, have said they are willing to establish economic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, asking the concerned officials to implement the reached understandings, and agreements as soon as possible.


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