Deputy Minister terms Iran, Tajikistan as old friends of hard times

During his visit to Tajikistan’s Kulob city following Iran’s cultural week in Tajikistan, and at Abu Abdullah Roudaki National University, Salari hailed the hospitality of the people of Tajikistan’s Kulob.

Referring to the history of relations and common historical ties of Iran and Tajikistan as two friendly and brotherly countries, he added that Iran and Tajikistan are old friends during hard times.

Deputy Minister terms Iran, Tajikistan as old friends of hard times

Referring to the friendship between the two nations of Tajikistan and Iran, Deputy Minister of Arts of the Ministry of Guidance in his remarks said that history shows that the two countries’ enemies have always tried to create divisions and conspiracies between Iran and Tajikistan.

Iran’s cultural week kicked off in Tajikistan’s capital at a ceremony on Monday, Oct 31, 2022, which was participated by ministers of culture of Iran and Tajikistan.

Iran’s Ambassador to Dushanbe Mohammad Taqi Saberi, as well as a number of other Dushanbe-based ambassadors and a large number of Iranian nationals residing in Tajikistan were also present at the ceremony.

Some 51 Iranian artists in different fields have put their works on display at the event.

The Iran’s cultural week is being held in other Tajik cities and an Iranian Film Week is also due to open in the country.


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