Details of Izeh theorist attack and Kian Pirfalak’s martyrdom

On the night of the event, Pirfalak family riding a passenger car were passing when the police officers warned them not to approach where the rioters were demonstrating, but they did not heed the police officers’ warning and rode towards the place where the rioters were engaged.

When the passenger car of Pirfalak family approached the rioters’ area and where the terrorists, too, were stationed, the driver decided to turn back, and while their car was turning, the terrorist agents with unknown incentives and probably assuming that the car belonged to the security and police forces that had approached them to identify them and was now turning back, opened machinegun fire at the car.

The eye witness who was present at the site of the incidence also referred to the way the bullets hit Pirfalak family’s car and told that naturally, the passengers in the vehicle, who did not expect such an event, at the moment did not realize from which side the shooting was coming their way.

If the security agents intended to shoot at that car, they either would not have permitted them from the beginning, or had shot at them right at the beginning, but as the bereaved and respected mother of Kian has said, the security forces had initially asked them not to ride towards the place where the rioters were demonstrating. Yet, although Kian’s family first started moving towards the rioters, in the middle of the way they decided to change their path and move towards the security forces, which is when the terrorists began shooting at their car.

He emphasized that in that shooting a number of Basiji (volunteer) forces, too, who were near Kian’s family car were either wounded or martyred.

Meanwhile, an informed security officer in Khuzestan told on Friday, “The details of the crime site is quite clear for us and the images of the place are being surveyed to identify the agents that created this crime.”

After the injured victims and the martyrs were transferred to Izeh Hospital some people toke disadvantage of the absence of security forces in the hospital, created a quarrel with a number of Basiji forces who were in the hospital and wounded them with knives, and forcefully took out the dead body of Kian from the fridge, but after Kian’s grandfather was informed that martyr’s body was transferred the hospital fridge again.

This security officer said the special focus is made on the security, judiciary, and medial aspects of this event and the results of that comprehensive research will soon be announced for the public.


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