Direct talks best solution to resolve Japan-Russia dispute

Kamal Kharrazi made the remarks in the meeting with Japan’s ambassador to Tehran Kazutoshi Aikawa on Monday morning. 
In the meeting, the two sides discussed regional and international issues, as well as the latest status of the two countries’ relations. 
Stressing the importance of developments in the Far East region and the effects of the Ukraine war on that region, Kharrazi said that Iran opposes any military intervention and violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries.
According to the Iranian official, the best way to resolve territorial disputes between Japan and Russia over the four islands is through direct negotiations between the two countries.
Emphasizing the need to enhance bilateral ties between Iran and Japan, Kharrazi considered  the illegal secondary sanctions imposed by the United States on other countries as one of the main barriers to the expansion of trade ties between Tehran and Tokyo.
He stated that despite some difficulties arising from secondary sanctions, there are opportunities for cooperation development between the two countries.
Kazutoshi Aikawa, for his part, explained his country’s position on the Ukraine war and the territorial dispute between Japan and Russia.
The Kuril Islands dispute, known as the Northern Territories dispute in Japan, is a territorial dispute between Japan and Russia over the ownership of the four southernmost Kuril Islands. 
After World War II, Russia incorporated the Kuril Islands into its territory, but Japan considers them part of its Northern Territories and regards them as occupied by Russia.

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