In a press release published by the movement’s official website, Ismail Haniyeh underlined that “there is no solution but ending the Israeli [regime] occupation of our land and holy places,” Al Mayadeen reported. 
Touching on the ongoing Resistance operations and developments in the occupied West Bank, the Hamas chief pointed out that the Israeli regime occupation is imposing another siege and is working to target Resistance fighters, arrest them, and demolish their homes.
He made it clear that the continuation of the Israeli regime policies of usurpation and Judaization in occupied Al-Quds will be met with more steadfastness and resistance on the part of the Palestinian people.
“The security solution that is based on killing and assassinating Palestinians and committing crimes across the West Bank will not break the Palestinian people,” Haniyeh underscored.
Haniyeh called on the Israeli regime occupation to leave the entire Palestinian territories and abandon its absurd dreams and political myth.
Earlier on Tuesday, Israeli regime media reported that the operations carried out by the Palestinian Resistance fighters in the occupied West Bank are of concern to the Israeli regime occupation army and its security services.