Enemies plots cannot divide Iran, Azerbaijan: Raeisi

President Ebrahim Raeisi arrived in Charavimaq County on the second of his visit to East Azarbaijan Province on Friday.
Addressing a large gathering of the people of the small town of Charavimaq, the President of Iran stressed that his administration tries to bridge the gap between the development level of big and small cities and also between developed and underdeveloped remote areas. 
Charavimaq is the second smaller town in the northwestern Iranian province.
Raeisi said that Charavimaq County is rich in different natural resources, stressing the need to keep the villagers in their villages in order to prevent migration to the suburbs of big cities by creating jobs and building facilities for them.
The president went on to note that the Azari people in Iran, along with the Azeris in the neighboring Republic of Azerbaijan have a lot in common and share many cultural characteristics that no conspiracies designed by the enemies can divide them.
“By no means, one (enemies) can make a division between these people and those people. The affiliation of these people to Islam and their faith in Islam makes them undividable. These people love religion and love values from the bottom of their hearts.”
“I would like to say that the message of the people of Azerbaijan is that they support unity and integrity. It is a message of standing against the enemies and building the country with the capable hands of over beloved young people,” Raeisi underscored.

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