Environmental Protection Organization: The second of the three “Iran” cheetah cubs also perished

The deputy director of the Environmental Protection Agency announced the death of the second cheetah cub born in the Turan National Park Breeding Center and said that the cause of death of the second cheetah cub is under investigation and the result will be announced after the autopsy.

According to the daylinews , the first of the three cheetah cubs, which were born on the 11th of Ordibehesht from a female cheetah called “Iran”, had died three days after birth.

Hassan Akbari, Deputy Minister of Natural Environment and Biodiversity of the Environmental Protection Organization, said about how the second cheetah cub died: , Immediately referred the matter to the veterinarians of the Office of Wildlife Diseases.

According to Akbari, it was after this that a veterinarian specializing in small livestock was transferred from the Semnan Veterinary School to the place where the cheetahs were kept, and after examination, he treated the two cheetah cubs.

The deputy head of the Environmental Protection Agency added that after conducting an examination and with the opinion of a veterinarian, it was decided to transfer the cheetah cubs to a specialized veterinary hospital in Tehran for further supervision, but one of the two cheetah cubs died on the way to Tehran.

Akbari pointed out that the only remaining cub of the three “Iranian” cheetah cubs is currently being transferred to a specialized veterinary hospital in Tehran and is under veterinary supervision.

Nearly three weeks ago, Ali Selajgeh, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, announced the birth of three cheetah cubs at the Asian Cheetah Breeding Center in Turan National Park. They were born healthy.

These three cubs were the result of natural mating of “Iran” and “Firooz”, two Iranian cheetahs, in the breeding center of Turan National Park, and according to the Director General of Environmental Protection of Semnan, their birth was the first “breeding in captivity of Iranian-Asian cheetahs” in the world. .

In less than a month, however, two of the three puppies born at the center have died.

Some environmental activists have previously obscured statements by officials from the Environmental Protection Agency about the puppies, including misrepresenting the puppy’s sex, how they are cared for and feeding them, and declaring “congenital lung weakness and abnormalities” as the cause of the first cheetah’s death. Have evaluated.

Two of the three cheetah cubs born in Turan National Park have died, while the Asian cheetah is in danger of extinction.

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