Esfahani taekwondo player in Grand Slam tournament

According to, Mohammad Hossein Yazdani’s first Grand Slam competition in 2023, hosted by China, was held in the city of Wuxi on Friday, April 11.
The results of Mohammad Hossein Yazdani’s matches in the Grand Slam China 2023 qualifiers in the 80-kg weight category:
First round:
Yazdani 2 – Zhao from China,
first round: 7-4 Zhao
, second round: 6-1 Yazdani
, third round: 9-1 Yazdani

Final 16th round:
Yazdani – “Tang” from China 2
first round: 12-11 “Tang”
Second round: 6-3 Yazdani
Third round: 8-1 “Tang”

Yazdani withdrew from the competition after losing in the round of 16.

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