EU condemns terrorist attack in Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine

In a Twitter message, the EU Foreign Policy Spokesman Stephan Stano wrote, The EU strongly condemns the Wednesday terrorist attack in Shah Cheraq holy shrine of Shiraz. This attack that the ISIS claimed responsibility for launching it, is another example for targeting the innocent civilians by the terrorists. The EU also condoles with the bereaved family members of the victims.”

Despite this late reaction of the Europeans with a 24-hour delay, the spokesman also repeats the phony claims of the westerners after those words, he said, adding, “Meanwhile, the EU closely pursues the situation in Iran.”

A terrorist man armed with a machinegun opened fore in the Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine in Shiraz City on Wednesday, martyring 15 innocent people, including two children, and wounding 26 pilgrims.

So far, the United Nations and a large number of world countries have condemned the terrorist act.


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