“We have to continue pushing for a political settlement. We cannot afford that Sudan implodes because it would send shockwaves throughout the whole of Africa,” Borrell said before a meeting with EU foreign ministers.
Borrell added that the EU’s ambassador to Sudan was still in the country.
“The captain is the last one leaving the ship. He is in Sudan but no longer in Khartoum,” Borrell said.
According to Reuters, Sudan’s sudden slide into the conflict between the army and a paramilitary group called Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has stranded thousands of foreigners, including diplomats and aid workers, and countries are working to evacuate their nationals.
With a series of ceasefires failing to hold, the death toll in Sudan has now passed 420, including 264 civilians, and more than 3,700 have been wounded, according to local and international NGOs. However, most analysts believe the true total of fatalities and injuries in more than nine days of fighting is much higher, The Guardian reported.